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the7sisters is a website dedicated to supporting the ICT teacher and subject Coordinator in UK Primary Schools (KS 1 and 2). It is a portal through which you will find free classroom teaching resources and links to ICT resources and services by other providers. Feel free to browse our Amazon Associate stores, read reviews and download resources.


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This page is the main Teacher Support page. From here you can access our many Downloads and Support Services.
The Navigation bar at the top of this page can be found on each of the pages within the Teacher Support area.
Each page is hosted by one of the 7 Sisters and takes its name from an area of ICT in the National Curriculum. This is a quick guide to finding the support you need.


To Find Support on...

Hardware Information and Links to Computer Hardware and Software, including our Amazon associated astore.
Communicating offering children the opportunity to express their ideas through ICT.
Data Handling Data Handling (Spreadsheets, Databases, Graphing, Data logging).
Internet Products and Services relating to the Internet and e-safety.
Support This page is aimed at the ICT coordinator, although all teachers of ICT may find it useful.
Modelling Using ICT to demonstrate new concepts (interactive screens).
Control Teaching children to Control and Program devices (Logo sheets, Web Links).