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What's it all about?

I have taught ICT for 17 years and have worked in both the State and Private sectors. I became ICT Coordinator fairly early in my career and am now Director of ICT in a UK School. I worked, for a short time, At Espresso Education, when they were still a relatively small company, on the Primary News Team.
This website is really a vehicle for my own professional development. It began as a repository for my class resources, but you will notice quite a mix of media from downloadable documents, through Flash to Javascript and HTML5 elements. As I have explored and learned new skills, so I have tried to turn them to a meaningful resource. Some have been used with classes, others haven't; they have simply been an experiment with code, or development platform. Despite the ad-hoc nature of their development, I have found my resources well received (I feel most honoured to have had 'Space Rescue' included in the Computers At School (CAS) Scheme of Work - this is available on the Control page of this site). So, you are welcome to browse the site and use any resources you feel useful and I'm always happy to hear positive or constructive feedback; you can send messages via the Contact page.
Best wishes.

Site Structure

Why the7sisters?
The Seven Sisters website is named after the constellation of the same name for two main reasons. Firstly, because I believe that there are 7 areas of ICT in the modern school curriculum, and secondly, because throughout History, Man has looked to the stars for that little bit of Divine inspiration!
Even with the advent of Computer Science, rather than ICT, a properly balanced curriculum should teach a spread of Clerical and Technical skills, allowing students to complete tasks as a user, developer, coder and philosopher.
Within the main site, each page takes on an area of ICT, which I hope will make it easier to browse the resources. There is a search facility on the Home page, but my collection is quite diverse - I don't know how useful the search is!
I have put together an Amazon store as well, through which I sometimes make recommendations. Any product I recommend through Amazon is something I personally have used, or have seen demonstrated.
There is also a Kids' section of games and activities that possibly sit outside the curriculum. I have to confess to having not updated this in a very long time!
Anyway, I hope you find something of use here.


More about me (The Mayan Flyer)

As a Primary age pupil, I spent much of my time programming in Commodore and then BBC BASIC. After gaining my teaching qualification, I began teaching in a State Primary School, becoming IT coordinator after only a couple of years. I created a thin client network in my first post, utilising both Acorn and PC platforms, on a shoe-string budget.
In my second post, I revived an aging and unstable network, later transforming it into a suite of 36 clients. While this doesn't sound like much by today's standards, it was the largest single suite in the Local Authority at the time.
I left State Education to work with Espresso Education, now Discovery Education as a Primary News and Secondary PSHE editor, where I honed my HTML skills. I am now back in a school as IT Director and teacher of upper KS2 and KS3.