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Computer Control is one of the areas of ICT unique to the subject. Some areas, such as Data Handling, offer clear cross-curricular links, but, if you're timetabled to teach Control, you could be on your own. Don't worry; this page contains links to resources to help you put together a truely unique scheme of work for this tricky topic.


Computer Control


BBC Microbit The Microbit continues to be an extremely attractive option for coding in the classroom. Low cost and versatile, it's an excellent way to bring technology projects alive.
Image Design Grids for the Microbit This is a simple pdf for designing images offline, to code onto the Microbit display later. Useful if you do not have access to the hardware immediately, or want to try out different designs.
Additional resources for the Microbit Kitronik will be well known to your DT colleagues, but they also do an extensive range of low cost add-ons for the Microbit.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a must have for all students wanting to learn about computers. Good IT departments can offer great opportunities with or without purchasing RPis, and this section will help you do just that. Follow this link for information about the RaspberryPi.
RaspberryPi downloads From this page, you can download the OS for your Pi. The recommended is Linux Raspian "NOOBS", but there is a RISC OS option if you want to offer this great British OS. This is particularly useful if you choose to program in BBC BASIC (see below).
In my opinion, RISC OS offers a better experience than NOOBS. It runs faster and looks better. Unfortunately, it does not have the applications that Linux has (of which NOOBS is a flavour), but since you are more likely to be using the Pi to teach about computing, RISC OS is a great system to help you teach about how computer systems actually work. Here is a fair overview of what you can expect.
Game Plan A simple proforma for outlining a computer game design.
Level Design Sheets A set of sheets onto which pupils can design the visuals for their computer game.

HTML and Javascript

Archery Styles:
CSS Coding
This downloadable .zip archive contains an HTML page and associated CSS Stylesheet. The objective is to give students the opportunity to edit a working Stylesheet while they are learning to code websites.
The page shows an archer who has repeatedly missed the target. Using the Stylesheet, students alter the 'top' and 'left' coordinates in order to direct the arrows to the target.

Text Adventures

Back in the day, techy kids enjoyed text adventures. They support development of imagination, reading and logical and analytical thinking. This section contains adventures for use in the classroom. Developed as an experiment for what can be done using HTML5, they may be useful in Literacy or coding lessons.
The Key Adventure Not a particularly original first adventure, and very short indeed, this reintroduces the concept of the Text Adventure and demonstrates the basic format.

Scratch & Python

Scratch programming Scratch is bundled with the RaspberryPi, but is available for other platforms (including Windows of course). It offers an intuitive interface and the ability to create complex programs without the need for learning a text-based language - perfect for KS2. Scratch Tutorials.
Scratch and Python are common programming platforms - essential for the budding Raspberry Pi enthusiast. This book from Dorling Kindersley comes highly recommended with everything you need to create fantastic programs on these platforms.
Stencyl is like Scratch's older brother. A grown-up programming interface using blocks familiar to the experienced Scratch coder. However, this model offers the ability to compile apps for a variety of devices (license permitting). Probably more suited to KS3 and above, but some able and experienced Y6s could do well with Stencyl. Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.


Flowol A fantastic piece of software for teaching control, using flow diagrams. No problems with tangled wires and flat batteries, it all takes place on the computer screen. There are dozens of 'Mimics' enabling pupils to control Robots, to washing machines, to lifts and bridges. Follow this link to the application and more mimics.
FlowGo Once you've made your Flowol program, why not link your work to your DT topic and build the model? The FlowGo interface enables you to upload your program and plug it into your model!


If you want to teach 'real' programming, BBC Basic is still a really great option. An intuitive language and one that allows students to create meaningful programs while learning the language step by step. A perfect place to start for the young programmer, providing an excellent first step towards Java and C++.
BBC Basic for Windows BBC Basic is licensed and updated here. The purchasable interpreter has been updated to export .exe files and the updated language can access Windows APIs.
BeebEm A fully functioning BBC emulator. Bring the BBC back to life on your Windows desktop and teach real programming again.


Robot Mesh Robot Mesh is a design studio from VEX that works through your browser. Design and create working robots, then program them using Python or Flowol (see above). Code can be downloaded to the VEX IQ for Real World Robotics.


Logo is the definitive starting point when teaching computer control. A language in its own right, there are now dozens of applications surrounding the Logo technology.
Logo List Follow this link to find a list of Logo applications.
Terrapin Logo This is the original Logo software.
Roamer The original Roamer Turtle from Valiant is still the best all round floor turle. Follow this link to find out more, or purchase from Valiant.
Pro-Bot Pro-Bot is the new floor turtle from Terrapin. Disguised as a racing car, the kids love it! A software package installed on the computer enables the whole class to join in.
Collision Collision is a rewrite of Crash from the BBC - the original Logo. Updated and with a screen designer. (RISCOS Shareware)
Space Rescue! Our answer to Collision and Crash! Navigate your spacecraft to dock with a stricken vessel and rescue your crew.
Fly Bee! An alternative to the very popular Space Rescue! Direct Kirsty the honey bee home to her hive.
Santa Rescue! A festive alternative to the very popular Space Rescue! Navigate Santa around the giant snowballs to the chimney!


A small collection of older files aimed at introducing children to controlling various IT devices. They are intended to be used with a range of devices such as Roamer or Logo. A couple of files aimed at getting you started in Logo. Could be used as a useful refresher sheet for staff use. Format is Ovation and Pdf. A couple of activity sheets for use with Logo, looking at basic control to procedures and angles. Could also be used with the Roamer Floor Turtle. Format is Ovation and Pdf.