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ICT Data Handling


Data Handling is simply the manipulation of numbers, in this case, using a computer. This page will contain links to resources and products to help you teach the use of spreadsheets and databases within your ICT lessons.


Data Handling


Junior Viewpoint Superceding Pinpoint, Viewpoint is an excellent product for teaching databases. Begin with the younger KS2 children, demonstrating the different types of search and progress to older children enabling creating of databases and collecting data through questionnaires. The7sisters have used this with Y7 children to model how surveys are carried out and what happens to the data. (Windows only)
Viewpoint Datafiles These are the official free databases for use with Junior Viewpoint. There is a whole host here, from Sport to History, Geography and Science. Some of the presentation is a bit laclustre, but the databases are full with plenty of cards.
Textease Studio CT Textease is a full-featured Office-style software package, now in it's nth incarnation! The CT version has seen a radical update to the way the databases are handled. This new setup may be challenging, initially, for the teacher, but is dead simple for the children and enables easier data sharing with the whole class. Of course, you can still produce graphs and attractive documents from the finished database. (Windows only)

Interactive Webpages

Abacus An interactive screen illustrating how an abacus can be used to display numbers. The screen uses abaci to carry out a simple addition calculation, whereby beads can be dragged to the abacus to make the correct number. The calculation can be manually changed for demonstrating other sums.

Files A simple database for compiling a list of recommended library titles. File format is Pinpoint for use with Windows. A simple database for compiling a list of different Minibeasts. File format is Pinpoint for use with RISC OS.
Eureka1.pdf A worksheet for using a Spreadsheet. Originally designed for use with the Eureka application, but is still applicable to Excel (and other SpreadSheets). Supports using formulae, as well as the copy command, and guides children through creating a simple model.


Paper Database It's always important for children to understand the concepts behind the computer science. This scheme of work, from Abbotswood School, teaches children in Y4 how to create a database without a computer.