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The Internet


The Internet has truely opened up multi-platform computing. From our favourite desktop computers, to Internet enabled phones and MP3 players, there's a lot you can do with just a decent browser.

The rather ominous music you can hear is symbolic. Some of The Sisters are uneasy about how the Internet affects them: As a head teacher once said to me, "Why do you need software, when you have the Internet?" - Beware!

It's also just us showing off!


Internet Safety

Ranger Security Ranger offer several excellent security products. For Internet Safety, look out for Ranger Guardian which can monitor student screens for inappropriate words, phrases, or images.
Web Safety notes This Powerpoint slideshow is a useful accompaniment to a discussion on Internet Safety. It covers the main areas of digital communication and can be used with KS2 and KS3 students.
Internet Filter Review Reviews of current Internet filters, including purchasing details.
Chatguide Stay safe in chatrooms - a BBC site.
E-Filter Essential Internet Safety Guidelines.
AdAware Protect yourself against Malware - essential utility.
SpyBot - Search and Destroy Immunise your system against Malware - essential utility.

Cool Sites

Faulkes-Telescope Sign up, then control this real telescope from your school computers.
Ancient Egypt Run by The British Museum, a very useful teaching resource with lots of interactive activities. (Requires Shockwave)
4learning - ICT The Channel 4 ICT homepage with links to lots of interactive activities. Requires Shockwave
Robots Part of the Channel4 WebSite that helps you find out more about robots.
The Big Bus Subscription site, full of ineractive activities.
BBC Schools The BBC Schools website.
Espresso Superb media rich purchasable content.


ICT Teachers Schemes of work and Sample Policies.
Teachernet Support site run by the DfES.
Teachers' Online Resources The Teachers' Online Resources Webring (hosted by the7sisters) is a collection of approved websites offering a wealth of free resources. These resources may relate to ICT, or other subjects.
The Parent Centre Help your child to learn with the Parent Centre. UK Government information and advice on children's education, schools, league tables, bullying and special needs.
Citrix Have the best of both worlds with Desktop Virtualisation and Thin Client Architecture.
FTPc An FTP client to allow you to upload your Web pages in RISCOS.
Get Flash Some sites require the Flash Plugin. Click the image to the left if you are a PC user.
Get Shockwave The Shockwave Plugin for some media rich sites.
PDF viewer The PDF view from Adobe.

Web Design

It is hard to imagine a school not having a website. Some schools may outsource their web presence and many state schools have a website primarily created by their LEA, or a company acting for them. However, many ICT Coordinators are expected to manage their school site and creating something original, when you are not a web professional, or when you are working within predefined forms, can be a particular challenge.
This is, of course, just one of a plethera of tasks falling into our laps as the ever changing roles of the ICT Coordinator grow, and it is no mean feat.
There are several very good Applications and Utilties for MacOS, RISC OS and Windows that will help you write your Web Pages: Office packages are good places to start, as is EasiWriter on RISC OS. These convert your document into HTML (the language of the Internet) and allow you to use stock clip art or scanned in images to enhance your finished product. There are also some very good tutorials on the Web, which can help deal with a plethora of issues, however, we can offer support, and tutorials if necessary, in helping you to set up and maintain your Website.