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ICT Modelling


Computer Modelling can be simplified as either demonstrating something using a computer, or simulating something on screen. These resources enable the student to explore areas of learning that might be more difficult to access in other ways.



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Make a Paper Database Demonstrate how Databases work using this paper database template.
Design a Classroom A classic modelling activity. Add furniture to your classroom, drag and rotate items to create your desired plan.
(Requires Internet Explorer - IE11+ in Compatibility Mode)
Design a Classroom A newer version of the classic modelling activity. Add furniture to your classroom, drag and rotate items to create your desired plan.
This version has no special requirements
Design a bedroom Another version of this classic modelling activity. Add furniture to your bedroom, drag and rotate items to create your desired plan.
Label a motherboard Probably a little more KS3, but still an informative exercise to model for upper KS2, this resource shows a computer motherboard and components. Drag the components and labels to complete the motherboard diagram.
(Requires Internet Explorer - IE11+ in Compatibility Mode)
World Builder The ulimate in design challenges! Build and launch your own planet into the Solar System. Part of the Planet-Science website.
Northumberland NGFL We're not sure how we feel about schools having to pay to access an NGFL site, but there are some really useful resources here and it's not very expensive to sign your school up.


It can be a challenge teaching the ICT concepts of Computer Art. There are plenty of simple drawing packages about, but the key concept behind Art on a computer is all about the advantage of no mess; mending mistakes and copying picture elements. So ICT Art is set securely in the Modelling section of our website (rather than Communicating).
Finding decent art software that can properly mimic the different media of oil, pastel, pencil etc. is your next challenge - hopefully this section will help.

Art Rage Art Rage is really an art simulator and really needs trying, rather than describing. That's ok though, as there is a free version which is only limited by the media it simulates; printing and saving are still active. Art Rage has a very good oil paint option and some neat tools to add to the experience.
Revelation Natural Art If your budget will only stretch to one software title that has to meet all you artists' requirements, it really has to be Revelation Natural Art. There are 3 different levels of User Interface, to suit different age groups from Infant through to much older children (the7sisters use RNA with students up to Y8). There is a comprehensive set of media tools, which are really quite effective at simulating real art, and, as you would expect, there are lots of other tools to spice up painting on a computer! (Windows only)


The Solar System An interactive diagram of the Solar System, including statistical data and a more detailed explanation for each planet (Pluto downgraded).
Teeth Teeth - An Inside Story is a presentation, ideal for displaying on an interactive whiteboard, that teaches about the composition of a tooth.


Rivers Label the parts of a river, using the words provided, by dragging them onto the diagram. Alternatively, explore the image and click on the parts of the river for an explanation of how it is formed.
(Updated for HTML5: works on all major browsers (without Compatibility Mode))
The Water Cycle Label the Water Cycle, by dragging the words provided onto the diagram.
(Requires Internet Explorer - IE11+ in Compatibility Mode)
Compass Points This interactive screen aids the teaching and learning of the points of a compass. Ideal for use on an Interactive Whiteboard. Suitable for KS1.
(Requires Internet Explorer - IE11+ in Compatibility Mode)

Sport / PE

Football Pitch Use this screen to coach your school football team. Drag the symbols onto the pitch to represent the players and explain your strategy.
(Requires Internet Explorer - IE11+ in Compatibility Mode)


Bodiam Castle An interactive guide to one of the most impressive castles in England.


Farmer, chicken, grain and fox puzzle The classic lateral thinking puzzle about a farmer trying to cross a river with his troublesome load. In how few trips can you solve this puzzle?


This collection of files was created for use with MyWorld on RISC OS, however, they can easily be made to run on a PC (details on how to do this are included in the archive).
These files are shareware, details of the license are contained in the Readme files inside the archives. A collection of coaching screens for MyWorld.
These interactive screens allow you to work with a range of sports pitches to help support PE/Games lessons. Each screen allows you to display players on a chosen pitch and move them to discuss tactics, formation, or simply to teach the rules. An updated Flash version is available above. A screen for modeling science experiments. Set up the apparatus to show how to separate various different materials. Can be used as part of an assessment or as an integral part of general science work. In MyWorld format for use with RISC OS or Windows.