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 Electricity Quiz

  1. Complete the sentence: Copper is a good... 
  2. Look At the Picture. Why is the bulb not lit?  circuit pic  
  3. Three 2.5v batteries are connected to a 7v light bulb. What will happen? 
  4. Complete the sentence: Plastic is a good... 
  5. What is the speed of electricity measured in. 
  6. What causes the filament in a bulb to glow? 
  7. Why should you not plug something in with wet hands? 
  8. True or false: Electricity flows from the positive (+) to the negative (-) side of a battery. 
  9. True or False: There is a positive (+) and a negative (-) side to a magnet. 
10. Electricity cannot flow through paper. Does paper block the effects of a magnet?