Materials Quiz

  1. What substance do all magnetic materials contain? 
  2. Two magnets are put together. Their North poles are touching. Will the magnets attract or repel each other? 
  3. Water is able to drain through Chalk, because it is full of tiny holes. It is said to be: 
  4. What property must a material have to create friction? 
  5. Select a property of wool that makes it a good insulator. 
  6. Select a material property that you would expect to find in a swimming costume. 
  7. Is a window: transparent, translucent or opaque? 
  8. Select a Material that is Opaque: 
  9. Some materials can be changed. Which word describes a change that can be changed back? 
10. A magnet is placed near some steel paper-clips. What would you expect to happen?