• The Household Apartments and NE Tower
  • The Household Apartments, or the North-East Range, can be found to your left as you enter the courtyard of Bodiam Castle. These rooms contained accommodation on two levels but had a further room in the basement.
    It is most likely that the basement was a store room. Down here it would have been cool and dark, ideal for keeping food fresh, but unsuitable for year round living. The basement would have been accessed from the courtyard and from here you had further access to a basement room in the NE tower. The windows here are very small though and would not have let in much light.
    The main chamber in the NE Range would have been quite large, running all the way from the Gatehouse to the NE tower. After climbing the steps from the courtyard, you would have been greeted by a comfortable room with its own fireplace, garderobe and windows that were somewhat a feature of the room and thus letting in considerably more light than those of the basement. A door in the eastern wall gave access to a staircase to the first floor of the apartments and also the chamber on the ground floor of the tower. Like its corresponding basement room below, the tower chamber is hexagonal, but this room would have provided a comfortable bed chamber to accompany the hall next-door. This room also had its own fireplace, garderobe and was suitably lit.
    The staircase would have provided access to a further suite of rooms on the first and second floor of the North East Range. Firstly there was another hall, very similar to the one below it, and of course closely linked by the staircase. There was a neighbouring bedchamber in the tower and a further one above it. Both bedchambers would have been similar to the one on the ground floor with their own fireplaces and garderobes. However, the room on the second floor of the NE tower also provides access to the two adjacent sections of the curtain wall.