• The Chapel.
  • Religious buildings of the Christian faith (Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels) are built along lines that travel East-West and the Chapel in Bodiam Castle is no exception. The Curtain Wall projects 9 feet into the moat in order to accommodate the Chapel and the building was divided into two areas. The Chancel, or Sanctuary, was positioned on a raised, glazed-tiled floor in the eastern end. The nave, to the west, had the crypt below it.
    The large window in the East wall is particularly striking and was partially restored in the 19th Century. In the South wall of the Sanctuary is a small basin (now partly cut away). This was called a piscina and the Priest would have used it to rinse the communion vessels. Look closely for the chamfered mouldings around it.
    The Sacristy, a small room used by the Priest, leads off to the South of the Sanctuary. This room had a rectangular cupboard (aumbry), but was probably quite dark, lit only by a single window in the eastern wall. The Lord and his family occupied the East Range and above the Sacristy was a private pew (oratory) from which they could enjoy the service. There is also a private door joining the nave to the East Range.