• The Retainers' Kitchen.
  • This room, in contrast to the hall next door, was furnished with two large fireplaces; one in the north wall, the other in the south. This room was entered, either from the Retainers' Hall, or directly from the courtyard. The fireplace in the south wall is plain and shows no evidence of decoration, it had no hood and it is worth comparing it to the main fireplace in the Lord's Kitchen. Look out for the two holes knocked through into the Retainers' Hall.
    The second fireplace, in the north wall, also undecorated, has no back and you can see straight through into the next room. It is believed that the fireplace would have originally had a back similar to the other fireplace, but was modified in the nineteenth century.
    When you are in the kitchen, look up and see the evidence for the gallery or chamber that would have been above this room.There is a doorway leading into it from the chamber above the Retainers' Hall. Also look for the blocked doorway that would have led from the kitchen through the north wall. This would have led into the service rooms and the garderobes.