• The Retainers' Hall.
  • Although the layout of the West and North-West Ranges is, today, unclear, it is supposed that they comprised a suite of rooms belonging to the retainers (servants) of the castle.
    The Retainers' Hall was entered through a large doorway leading from the courtyard. There was no direct connection with the Great Kitchen from here and the room could have been used by the retainers to unwind. The large windows illuminating the room had window seats and there is some evidence of masonary decoration.
    That said, it is likely that the room was qctually quite dark as there would not have been any windows in the west wall. It is also curious to notice that there are no fireplaces dispite the fact that just beyond the north and south walls are two fireplaces of considerable size. However, in the north wall there are two holes through the wall into the fireplace beyond, perhaps to let heat into the room.
    The Retainers' Kitchen was entered via a doorway in the north wall. However, before leaving this room, look out for the traces of a timber staircase, in the south-west corner; this would have led to the long chamber above the hall.

  • The Retainers' Long Chamber.
  • The Long Chamber had one window looking out of the castle, but appears to have had a further two looking over the courtyard. Never the less, it was not a well lit room. The room had no fireplaces, again, relying on borrowed heat from neighbouring rooms. A doorway in the north wall led into an upper gallery or chamber over the Retainers' Kitchen.