• The South-West Tower.
  • The South-West Tower provides one of the most exciting set of rooms in the castle today and is entered via two adjacent doors in the Kitchen's south-west corner.
    In the basement of the tower (through the northern door) is the castle's well. This was once fed by a spring and would have provided clean water for drinking and cooking. Today, although it still contains water, the water is still and stagnated.
    Above the well (through the other door) and up the staircase, the first of two hexagonal chambers is found. There is a fireplace and a garderobe and perhaps would have been the living room of one of the Kitchen's cheif cooks. The second room is much the same as the first, with a garderobe and fireplace, but further access to the curtain wall can be gained from here.
    Above ther living rooms, right at the top of the Tower is the castle dovecote, another exciting feature of Bodiam Castle. There would once have been home for up to 300 birds here and these may have been used for signalling allies or sending and receiving messages.