• The Castle.
  • Bodiam is an impressive castle, dominating the local landscape with its bold towers and curtain wall. The symmetry of the structure is pleasing to the eye, while its broad water-filled moat provides serenity and calm to the approach.
    The castle was built with a circular drum-tower at each corner. These large, dominating structures added considerable strength to each wall, as well as allowing a broader, more panoramic view of the area.
    In the center of each wall is a rectangular tower. The Postern Gate, on the South side, originally linked the castle, via a timber bridge, to the South bank of the moat. On the Northern side, the Gatehouse, with its twin towers, makes the approach to the castle even more impressive.
    photo from the NW - p15
    Although the outer (curtain) wall of the castle is pretty much intact, the inner coutyard wall lies in ruins, as do many of the cross walls that would have divided the rooms. This means that evidence as to where the rooms would have been and how big they were has to be hunted for and incorporated with a certain amount of guesswork. However, one thing we can be sure of is that the rooms were arranged in suites with halls, bedrooms and living areas for Lord and his family, including guests, servants and there are even rooms for a military garrison.
    photo from the air
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